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Empowering Leaders
Influencing Culture
Delivering Hope


United Youth Outreach exists as a facilitating hub. We empower leaders to realize their life’s unique calling to evangelize, disciple, and release a new generation of youth to do the work of the Kingdom of God.

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United Youth Outreach fulfills its mission through:

  • working with churches, missions, organizations and youth outreaches
  • training and placement of leaders
  • initiating new youth programs and churches
  • promoting social justice
  • promoting emerging communicators, artists and athletes
  • resourcing schools
  • discipling students
  • evangelistic outreach

Core Values

1. We believe in and value evangelism to the extent that we focus on making this a regular activity and outcome of United Youth Outreach programs and events.

2. We believe in and value the person, presence and power of Holy Spirit and teach and pursue relationship, wisdom, direction, help and empowerment from Holy Spirit.

3. We value youth and young adults and have made it our purpose and aim to focus our ministry on this demographic.

4. We value food, fun and fellowship as tools and activities that bring out expressions of the personality of Christ in His body.

5. We value discipleship as an imperative that the Lord has called us all to strive for in our lives and to teach to those who are in pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. We believe in and value the necessity of healthy leadership and the need for Spirit-filled leaders to carry out the work of equipping the body of Christ.

7. We value accountability as an important aspect of us acknowledging Christ’s work and authority in the greater body of Christ and as a response to His authority present in each realm.

8. We value the body of Christ as expressed through the greater Church and the ministerial leadership that expresses Christ’s work on earth.

9. We believe in and value the recognition, development, endorsement and releasing of leaders in Christ-centered creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

10. We believe in and value the initiation of spiritual community that results from the fruit of our ministries.

United Youth Outreach Administrative Team

Larry Moore-web

Position(s) held:
Executive Director – United Youth Outreach
Director – Equipping
Director – Motivational Media
Director – Street Invaders

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…working around my house.

Education/Programs attended:
Graduated Bible College in Ontario – ECABI

Summary of work experience:
Youth Pastor
Senior Pastor
Assistant Pastor
Volunteer and Full Time Director – United (formerly AYMI)

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: Psalms 91

Favourite band/artist:  Allies, Hillsong United, Foo Fighters

I am passionate about: youth and evangelism

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: San Felipe, Mexico

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: Sea cucumber

You can email Larry at:

Andy Wilson-web

Position(s) held:
Director of Operations

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…watching the latest drama from the BBC

Education/Programs attended:
Bachelors in Business Administration – Mount Royal University

Summary of work experience:
Musician with Christian Ministry Band
Youth Pastor
School Support Assistant
Charitable administration and pastoral work with 24-7 Prayer

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: 1 Peter 1: 3-9

Favourite band/artist: Do I have to pick one? Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, At The Drive-In, Rivers & Robots, The Police

A super fun fact about you: I love http://www.buyambienmed.com hearing how Canadian’s like to try and say Worcestershire sauce!

I am passionate about: Helping mobilize others to stand on the shoulders of giants of the faith and being a Jonathan type friend to the leaders of our day, travel and playing with friends, spending time with my wife and son, Finn

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: Morocco

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: Vietnamese Curry with Frog’s legs

Favourite summer activity: Cycling

You can email Andy at:

Kathy Swinton-web

Position(s) held:
Financial Administrator

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…studying the latest Beth Moore Bible Study with a Women’s group at church

Education/Programs attended:
I completed 2 degrees:
BEd – University of Alberta, Edmonton in 1986
BRE – Canadian Bible College, Regina (aka Ambrose) in 1995

Summary of work experience:
I taught early Elementary grades in Christian schools in Ponoka, Lacombe, and in the Philippines at a New Tribes Mission MK school. Then I went on to be married, raise 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) as a stay-at-home mom, and do bookwork for our multiple home-based businesses.  My kids, who are all teenagers now, are into various sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer) and keep me entertained with  their games. Rugby has become my favorite sport to watch!

A super fun fact about you: I crochet necklaces (the latest craze) and sell them at Christmas craft sales.

I am passionate about: teaching the Bible and discipling upper Elementary-aged children in the Sunday School setting

Favourite summer activity: I love driving through the mountains and other rural settings and admiring God’s beautiful creation.

Ben Kostamo-web

You can email Ben at:

Position(s) held:
Associate Director of Ministries – United Youth Outreach
Director – Love on Fire

On a Friday evening, I am most likely…running around with students and preaching the Gospel!

Education/Programs attended:
4 Year Diploma of Ministry – Christian Ministry Training Centre 1993-98
JIBC (EMR certification and license 2005)

Summary of Work Experience:
AYMI: 2009- Present
BC Ambulance Service: 2003 – 2010
Tumbler Ridge Christian Fellowship (BC): 2003 – 2009
Peace Valley Community Church (Hudson’s Hope, BC): 2000 – 2004
Gateway Christian Ministries and Christian School: 1994 – 2000

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: John – the Gospel

Favourite band/artist: I have eclectic tastes

I am passionate about: Jesus, my beautiful wife, our family, our ministry to the youth, art, and travelling

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: Zambia, Africa ( I saw wild hippos, a chameleon, a civet, monkeys on my roof, and dead cobras)

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: alligator or tarantula meat (it’s a toss-up)

Favourite summer activity: hiking and swimming in the mountains or at the coast

Jordan Lehmann-web

You can email Jordan at:

Position(s) held:
Director of Development

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…playing at home with my son and daughter.

Education/Programs attended:
Masters in Philanthropy and Development from Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota Minneapolis
Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) Designation

Summary of Work Experience:
Director of Development for various organizations

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: Proverbs 29:18

Favourite artist: Leonardo da Vinci

I am passionate about: The potential that God has bestowed in each of us to transform the world around us into something better.

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: The hut of a former cannibal, now Christian in Papua New Guinea.

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: A dish called ‘Bloody Mary’ which is the organs of a pig, boiled into a stew in its own blood.

Favourite summer activity: Riding my motorcycle

Ronda Wells-web

You can email Ronda at:

Position(s) held:
Receptionist & Executive Assistant

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…to be doing laundry.

Education/Programs attended:
Benoni Technical Institute – Commercial Course Certificate
FGBI – Diploma
BA Rocky Mountain College
SAIT – Records and Information Management Certificate

Summary of Work Experience:
Combination of both secular and faith-based positions

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: Psalms and Colossians

Favourite band/artist: Hillsong

I am passionate about: Discipleship and missions endeavours

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: Born and grew up in Africa

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: Moose, ostrich and deer meat

Favourite summer activity: Chilling on the beach

Sarah Switzer-web

You can email Sarah at:

Position(s) held:
Creative Coordinator & IT Liaison

On a Monday evening, I am most likely…hanging out with friends.

Education/Programs attended:
2 Year Diploma of Graphic Communications – SIAST 2012-2014
1 Year Certificate of Biblical Studies – Eston College 2009-2010

Summary of Work Experience:
Eston College: 2014-2019
Kedleston Gospel Camp: 2015-2017 Summers
Leaderpost: 2014 Internship
Regina Apostolic Church: 2010-2014

Favourite book of the Bible/Bible verse: Hebrews & James

Favourite band/artist: Steffany Gretzinger, Jeremy Riddle, Amanda Cook, Cory Asbury, United Pursuit, Hillsong United

I am passionate about: Seeing people come in relationship and know their Heavenly Father. Also seeing what people are passionate about.

The most exotic place/country I’ve visited is: Malawi, Africa or Cuba

The weirdest food you’ve ever consumed: Alligator

Favourite summer activity: Going on spontaneous road trips with friends and getting $1 Iced Coffees from McDonalds

United Youth Outreach Board of Directors

Brian Gronberg-web
Cal Ellerby-web
Curtis Kardash-web
Ken Kunz-web
Nancy Powers-web
Tammy Suitor-web
Thomas Coffman-web