Over the past couple of months I have seen the students begin to step up and step out. They have really started to open up about who they are and with what they are struggling. One particular night Iwas praying with two of the students about what we had discussed during the chapel time. One of them began to tell me about their struggle with hearing the voice of God and the doubts they were facing ni their faith. As Ibegan to pray over and encourage this student. the other individual who was praving with us began to encourage. pray over, and even prophecy over their friend.
These two students built each other up and spoke life and truth over each other for the rest of the prayer time.
It has been incredible to see the Drop-ins become a safe place for youth to be vulnerable and real about their lives. It has also become a place where they can step
out in their faith and build each other up. Itruly can say that the potential and pas- sion Isee in these youth encourages me every time Ihave the privilege of spending time with them