Speaker’s Bureau: Greg Denie

speakers bureau greg denie

Greg Denie, also known for his stage name Poet Reason, is a Canadian spoken word artist and motivational speaker  from Calgary, Alberta. Greg is also co-founder and director of Legacy One, a motivational hip-hop crew dedicated to travelling across the world, performing in schools and inspiring students of all ages.

At the age of 16, Greg started his own promotional company hosting hip-hop concerts all over Saskatchewan. Greg’s passion for hip-hop has led him to writing and performing spoken word poetry which he has been doing professionally for 6 years. His passion has taken him all over Canada, U.S.A., England, Malta and South Africa.

Greg has focused on creating poetry that is direct and positive with a clear message. Greg is gifted with the ability to powerfully engage youth and use words to speak http://pharmacy-no-rx.net truth into their lives. 

Although Greg loves poetry, his first love is public speaking. Since the age of 14, Greg has been speaking to and for student groups. Greg has creatively fused his natural storytelling ability with poetry to inspire students and encourage them to realize their potential.

Greg can empathize with students from all walks of life as he too has experienced hardship. Greg dealt with the loss of his father at the age of 11.  Growing up in a single parent home, he has had to overcome adversity and pain to find his voice as a speaker and artist. 

Greg is passionate about seeing students dream big and live even bigger, challenging them to see past today’s problems and into tomorrow’s potential.

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