Gideon’s Army is one fundraising arm for the ministry of United Youth Outreach that helps to fund the day-to-day operations. As directed by the Lord, our goal is to find 300 partners who will agree to support on a monthly basis for a minimum of $30.00 a month. This can be paid monthly or in a one time donation on an annual basis. We encourage you to consider becoming involved with us as a partner and to help us see the work of United Youth Outreach continue to grow.

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We’re so blessed to have a group of business people who, for the past number of years, have supported our Matching Donation Campaign. Once again, I’m excited to share this amazing opportunity with you. These supporters have agreed to match every $1.00 we are able to raise, to a maximum of $30,000.00. This means that if successful, the total donation to our ministry would be $60,000.00!

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